• Best Automotive Sales Trainer Australia Performance and Learning Training Centre Brian Phillis Increase Profits
  • Best Automotive Sales Trainer Australia Performance and Learning Training Centre Brian Phillis
  • Best Automotive Sales Trainer Australia Performance and Learning Training Centre

Auto Online Sales Training

We revolutionise Automotive Sales Training!

Automobile dealerships are struggling to provide their sales team members with the training they need to perform their roles effectively! 

However the right kind of training can substantially improve sales success. 

We drive skills retention up and drive training costs down!

We revolutionise Automotive Sales Training because online explainer videos backed by written slide show course content increases skills retention by over 300%!

Online sales training is the cheapest most effective spaced repetitious sales training ever introduced to Australian dealers.  

It provides 24/7 unlimited sales training (and sales management) courses!

Research on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve has shown that within one hour, people will forget an average of 50% of the information presented, and within one week, they’ll forget as much as 90% of what they learned.

Yet most dealers still utilise an external sales trainer who visits the dealership once a month or less! 

Here is more supportive data:

  • Only 15% of people were able achieve sustained new behaviours after a training session. 
  • Only 15% of sales team members were able to remember new skills and behaviours after a training session. 
  • In other words, only about 15% of your sales team members may be applying any learning to increasing theircompetitive role!  


With traditional training sales team members leave training and not able to remember 90% of what they learned. 

Sales Managers don't have time to create training plans and deliver sales training! Their role is to supervise compliance with the sales process and over achieve on sales targets and income!

We drive skills retention up and training costs down!

We reduce learning costs by over 50% and provide unlimited 24/7 access to our training courses.

So how do we improve sales training to impact job performance?

It’s called bite sized repetitive Online 24/7 e-Learning automobile sales training courses.

Courses proven and operational in the Australian auto trade 

The Bottom line? 

We know more than anyone, that traditional training methods aren’t effective anymore!  

So, if you want to get your sales team interested in the first place (and then keep them interested in learning over the long term) it’s time to modernise your approach! 

Make bite sized focussed sales training a part of every day!

The online training courses are short, 3-5 minute fun sessions crammed with seriously well proven and up to date information.  Down time, travel time, home time, but not in selling time!

To escape the training time warp and modernise your dealership learning ecosystem, it is important to think of sales training as something that happens once a week, month or once a quarter and start thinking about how you can weave skills learning into every workday.

We are focussed on providing the very best online sales training programme in Australia and possibly the world.

Our sales training programme has been in operation and under development for two decades but modified each year and is fully proven to resonate with today’s informed buyers.

Our is a Zero High Pressure, high CSI selling process that promotes repeat and referral business.

Please view the video below and then take advantage of our FREE 30-minute consultation and learn how Zero High Pressure Online Sales Training increases skills retention by over 300% and drives training costs down?

Automotive Sales Learning

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