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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

So you have started a new journey in your new career, or maybe your career is needing a kick start and a new journey?

What feelings do you have right now?

Our ability to help people will only matter, if we can prove that they understand what they need help with.

We understand that you can also feel really Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Let’s all reflect on the feelings we all had when we started in this business? Remember when you did your first Meet & Greet? You don't know what you don't know, but you did know that you didn’t know and more importantly, when you were asked a perfectly normal question, you didn't have the answer. Wow, that's uncomfortable!

Many new sales trainees have told us about their feelings and some even thought that they couldn’t do this, because they felt so uncomfortable. It's the same for new sales managers! If they haven’t done the role previously, they also feel Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable, but they now have the role and they are driven to succeed and feel comfortable being Uncomfortable initially. Skills and knowledge supports feeling comfortable and we provide that feeling due to our Online training programmes and mentoring programmes.

As mentors and coach’s, we want you to consider that we all felt uncomfortable with Meet and Greet when we first started.We all felt uncomfortable with our first Guest Needs Analysis, Manager Touch Point and Walk Drive when we first started.

The negotiation: It sucked! Scary witless in the negotiation feeling 100% uncomfortable!

When we are mentoring new people in our business and are feeling uncomfortable it is perfectly OK. So it is important to "Get comfortable with the feeling that you have right now!" "What feeling?" "Feeling uncomfortable! Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!" We are soft soft! Because its not about feelings, its about skills and practice!

The more we learn, practice and role-play the less we feel uncomfortable!

Here are 7 ways to get comfortable with being uncomfortable:

  • Start.
    The first step is always the most uncomfortable. All you have to do is participate in the Online Learning! The battle is half won if you just log in and learn! Yes, I get it. It's uncomfortable to start something. You start a diet, it sucks. You start working out at the gym, it sucks. Remind yourself that you made a decision and you are already committed so there is no going back.
  • Don't Give Up.
    You're not seeing immediate results. It's difficult. You feel like giving up! It's OK. Just keep pushing forward. Don't give yourself an excuse! Just don't. Either you succeed or you keep trying! No excuses. Is it a challenge? Is it something that you have to prove to yourself? Is it just pride? Whatever it is, it had better be powerful.
  • Push yourself past your comfort zone.
    At some point, you are going to say to yourself, "I've never done this before" or "I don't know what I'm doing." We've all been there. Here's a trick: Don't say it out loud. Just pretend to be confident. Fake it till you make it! Seek advice from your sales manager or your mentor and that could be us. It's scary, but I promise you this: When it's over, you are going to say, "It wasn't as bad as I thought it was." Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  • Embrace "the suck."
    The situation is bad--deal with it! And don't just deal with it--open your arms and welcome it as you would an old friend. You know that old friend well. "What sucks" is here to make you tougher. "What sucks" is a friend that arrived to make you better. Instead of complaining, celebrate the feeling it “it sucks”.
  • Be around like-minded people.
    Create a support network of like minded people. Don't talk to detractors because ‘misery likes company’! Talk about your experiences openly with your sales manager. Soon, you will be seeking uncomfortable experiences to share with your friends.
  • Recognise your improvements.
    Track your progress using Sales Performance Management. Check out your Sales Performance Management data! Revel in it. You are now a changed person! You know if it sucks or you are winning because you see it in the numbers and your income. Build your confidence by going back to what before was uncomfortable and go through the experience again.
  • Repetition.
    There's an old saying, "repetition is the mother of learning."
    The more you perform the same learning activity, the more confident you become.
    The more that you say the same words, the easier they are to use.
    Confidence is a tangible thing--it comes from perfect practice and repetition.
    It takes 28 perfect repetitions to change a habit. Don't get frustrated and quit!

The point we want to make is that Bravery is NOT the ABSENCE of fear.
The brave feel the fear, the uncertainty, the doubt, but move forward in spite of it.
They do not let fear be a reason to not move forward.
But nothing amazing EVER happens in your comfort zone!! You do not grow, learn, stretch, develop or have earth shattering a-ha moments in your comfort zone!

We all want to experience greater success in our lives. Yet, we also tend to avoid engaging in the activities that make us feel uncomfortable, even if we know they serve us best. Discover why embracing, rather than resisting this feeling of discomfort is the key to accelerating personal growth and breakthrough results. Change is the only consistent and comfort in life!

Please take advantage of our FREE 30-minute consultation and learn how how feeling Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable in developing superior skills will increase skills, increase sales and increase income!

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